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Aug 22, 2013 5:00am EDT
does one a year. >> yeah. i remember martha graham said this amazing thing, and maybe that's the point where i relate to woody as a-- you know, someone who has-- you know, an artistic and creative life. she said this fantastic thing about there's never, as an artist, there's never any satisfaction. there's just this eternal, constant rolling-- this is not a direct quote-- dissatisfaction. and that this kind of blessed, unrestfulness that keeps you-- keeps you going. >> rose: so what's the search? >> the search i guess is for that-- it's like being on a monkey bar. happiness, this whole cult of happiness. it's very rare. satisfaction just doesn't exist, and that you-- you hope to glimpse it. you hope there will be a moment where you think, that's not bad. >> rose: the reason i ask if he's looking back he's now sort of musing allowed maybe if he had it to do over-- and he says anybody who doesn't think about doing it over and doesn't think about regrets and doesn't know they made some bad choice along the line is just simply not in touch with themselves. do you agree with that? >> i'm no
Aug 22, 2013 5:30am EDT
be stunning. >> speak of martha graham again, but she talks about the-- keeping the channel open. and, you know, there's no point in judging-- there's no point in judging what it is you're doing. you've just got to do it. you have to be open and available to what happens in the moment. and i think as an actor-- and this is why i think so many of us go a little bit potty. loo-loo! as you get older, if you have to-- in order to keep performing, you have to keep some of the synapses open. you have to disconnect them because it's in that space. that's where the imagination is born. >> rose: that's exactly right. and the interesting thing-- if you could do this in actor's head, it would be wonderful, and there are certain ways to do this, i would assume, you would see differences and it would be telling in terms of opening up presidency that's part of what they can do with diseased brains is monday the differences and see what kind of physical manifestation-- >> i should give my body to science. >> rose: you should do what your body does exactly now. while i have you here, i want to do this-- t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2